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Myth of Manufacturing: A Dead-End Career

The early days of manufacturing are not depicted as good ones for workers. School history books show people working hard in dirty jobs without much of a future. However, today’s thriving industrial marketplace reveals a different story. Manufacturing is a safe and stimulating place to work and a vital contributor to our economy.  

Manufacturing is no longer unclean and unsafe. It’s not the 1930s anymore, but in many cases, the public’s view of its environment hasn’t changed with the times. Gone are the days of dirty manufacturing facilities, consisting solely of backbreaking labor. Modern manufacturing is an industry focused on technologic advancements, automation, and safety.

Manufacturing is crucial to the economy. Every manufacturing job supports another job. After all, you can’t sell a car without it being built in the first place. The manufacturing industry has a powerful impact locally and nationally. Neighborhoods that bring in manufacturers receive unexpected benefits from providing jobs, as well as new real estate and population growth. Manufacturing’s value chain accounts for one-third of the United States economy. For every $1.00 of manufacturing value created in the United States, $3.60 in additional economic activity is generated. A single manufacturing job created in the United States leads to approximately 3.4 non-manufacturing jobs to bring the product to the public.

Manufacturing skillsets are desirable. With more technological advancements comes more opportunity. Skilled workers like welders and machinists are already essential, and they can expect to see their roles increase in importance in the next several years. Today manufacturing boundaries are continually being pushed, creating new opportunities and tasks for employees. Career advancement is commonplace, and many companies have programs to help employees grow professionally.

The manufacturing industry holds many opportunities for both entry-level and veteran-workforce employees. Choosing to work in the industrial sector provides career stability and advancement that employees can have for the rest of their lives, making manufacturing a sound career choice.

Bopp Busch has a long history of manufacturing internships and ongoing training to provide our customers with the best quality and services. To learn more about Bopp Busch and our capabilities, contact us today.

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