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Why Defining Supply Chain Visibility is a Struggle

Supply chain visibility is crucial to success in manufacturing. However, lack of synchronization in workflow often occurs when the workers can’t fully comprehend the activities one level below or above their place in the supply chain. While it can be a struggle defining supply chain visibility between your departments and workers, the benefits are worth the effort. Start by getting staff talking about what the commonalities in each worker’s definition and grow from there. It is possible to increase visibility and transparency across every stage of the supply chain to help get workers on the same page to understand its importance.

Supply chain visibility reduces risks and costs

Supply chain visibility ensures there are no interruptions in your processes. You’ll be able to quickly respond to any issues in the chain, such as redirection of supply. Increased visibility allows you to re-evaluate areas of inefficiency to reduce risks, such as damaged products and mistakes.

Supply chain visibility improves performance

Enhanced supply chain visibility helps to improve tracking of your performance expectations and estimate future demands, ensuring you can meet your long-term goals. Supply chain visibility demonstrates you are keeping pace with changes in regulation around transportation.

Supply chain visibility identifies problems

Increased communication as a result of supply chain visibility allows you to see where gaps exist in your system. Sharing information between departments and organizations provides an overall view of the entire process.

Supply chain visibility manages every aspect of your inventory

Having the right infrastructure can help you to achieve better supply chain visibility and therefore reduce costs, improve customers’ performance, and identify problems to strengthen your performance ultimately.

Bopp Busch recognizes the importance of supply chain visibility to the success of any project and work diligently to maintain it in our processes. To learn more about Bopp Busch and our capabilities, contact us today.

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