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Finding the Right High-Volume Supplier

Getting your parts on time, within your budget and free of defects is your goal, and finding the right supplier is essential. While manufacturers want to cast a wide net and provide an array of services to suit many different clients, there are many options to choose from and finding a supplier that is familiar with your products can save time and money. Working with a high-volume stamping supplier that can't keep up with demand will bring business to a halt, while a supplier that works with you and anticipates your needs will forge a long-lasting partnership. When seeking a high-volume supplier, a few considerations can help to give you a competitive edge.


Previous production runs

While many production facilities describe themselves as high-volume stamping suppliers, not all actually live up to the name. Moreover, high-volume may be a relative term. Ask about a prospective supplier's previous runs; what were the time frame and volume constraints? Are they close to what you are looking for?


How does the company see itself?

A company that describes itself, first and foremost, as a high-volume stamping supplier prioritizes the features that you need. Others that cast a wide net, including low- and mid-range volume stamping, may not be able to offer the same time-saving and cost-saving techniques and individual attention that larger, specialized companies can provide. Though a  low-volume supplier may be able to manipulate their equipment to suit your needs, they may not be fully equipped for the most efficient high-volume production runs.


Previous clients

Besides the volume previously produced, has the supplier previously stamped similar parts or parts in your industry? A supplier stamping thousands of simple parts with few configurations may not execute the level of precision that more intricate parts demand. They may not be familiar with the delicate metals needed in the medical industry or the durability required of aerospace components if they are commonly stamping metals for consumer goods or automobiles.


Design of manufacturability

Does the potential supplier offer design assistance? Making a few minor changes to the materials, shape, and techniques in the process can save thousands of dollars per run. A company that is willing and familiar with optimizing the stamping process to reduce costs and maximize speed will be a strong partner.



What equipment does the company use? Can you see the shop floor? Are certifications listed and safety standards followed? Companies that pay attention to these details and are proud to show clients their facilities convey confidence in their assets and confidence in their products.

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