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To meet the demands of its continued growth, Bopp-Busch will begin manufacturing operations at Plant 3 located in Tawas City, MI. Bopp Busch’s Plant 3 has acted as a warehouse for the company for the past twenty years. 

Recently, Bopp Busch was awarded fifteen contracts to produce parts for General Motors, providing the perfect opportunity to restart production at the facility. As part of the GM agreement, Bopp-Busch purchased five 150 ton OBI Minster presses from GM. The presses are being installed September and October of this year with the hiring of an estimated eight employees to follow. The presses and dies were previously in operation at a GM facility in the Grand Rapids area. The mutually beneficial agreement between Bopp-Busch and General Motors allowed the automotive manufacturer to free up floor space at its Grand Rapids plant while Bopp-Busch was able to utilize its idled warehouse and stamping expertise and manufacturing resources. The part contracts are targeted to last through 2024, continuing the seven decade relationship between GM and Bopp Busch.

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