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2019 Forecast: 3 General Manufacturing Trends You Should Look Forward to

With 2019, we can expect the manufacturing industry to see revolutionary advancements and reach new heights progressing further into the industry 4.0. While these modern trends are going to open multiple doors of opportunities for the manufacturing businesses, it is needless to say that businesses will have to step up their strategic game to keep up with the on-going advancements. In 2019, it is crucial for manufacturing industries to equip themselves with advanced tools and modern systems, setting themselves up for accurately identifying potential risks and threats and getting actionable insights. Gathering essential data the right way at the right...

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What Makes a Flexible Manufacturing System?

Flexible manufacturing is an integrated system of computer-controlled machines, transportation, and handling systems under the control of a larger computer. Flexibility is attained by having an overall system of control that directs the functions of both the computer-controlled equipment and handling systems. These computer systems are designed to be programmed or grouped easily with other devices to allow fast and economical changes in the manufacturing process. This ability aids in enabling quick responses to market changes and enabling mass customization of products. The following information discusses what makes a system flexible and the make-up an entire flexible manufacturing system. Flexibility...

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