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Providing exceptional stamping services

Since 1948, Bopp-Busch Manufacturing Company has grown from a single location with less than 10,000 square feet to four locations with over 128,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space. In that time, we have worked with over 275 customers. Today we continue to provide industry-leading stamping services to carry on our tradition of exceptional service, quality and value.

We specialize in stamping service and have for over 70 years. In order to meet growing customer demands over the years, we expanded our services. As a result, our services now include tool & die building, stamping, welding, e-coat painting, general assembly, and production engineering. With our range of services, we can meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Bopp-Busch focuses on high volume production runs of parts ranging from .5 mm (.020″) to 6 mm (.240″) thickness. We work with a variety of materials including low carbon steel, high carbon steel, high strength steel, galvanized coated steel, aluminized coated steel, spring steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

Responsible Stamping Manufacturing

When we work with a customer, we are committed to helping with the challenges you face, such as cost savings initiatives. Bopp-Busch has a long history of responsible stamping manufacturing. We consult with our customers on product design and value-added manufacturing processes. Our customers' success is critical to our success. Continual improvement of production throughput is part of our commitment as your stamping manufacturing supplier. We invest in robotics, new equipment, and technology upgrades to deliver the most cost-efficient production possible. Knowing you have a supply base you can rely on is essential to your operations. Bopp-Busch has a seven-decade track record of financial strength and stability.

Quality Stamping

Poor quality stamping parts can mean downtime and production delays. Bopp-Busch operates under IATF 16949 Quality System and maintains a world-class low PPM rating. This approach assures you of the highest quality standards for all products Bopp-Busch supplies. A disruption to your supply chain can have far-reaching negative impacts. We are responsive to your supply demands and are proud of the facts that we have never been the cause of an assembly line shut down and have 99.9% on-time delivery rate. Cold welds can cause major assembly disruptions. Our in-house welding expertise delivers high quality welds with a low defect rate ahead of our competition.

Reliable Stamping Manufacturing

Bopp-Busch is committed to providing reliable stamping manufacturing. With our in-house die shop and rapid die building capabilities we can meet the stamping manufacturing challenge of late release and urgently needed parts. At Bopp-Busch, our greatest strength lies within our committed employees. Promising quality and delivery are only good if you stand behind them. We offer our On-time Delivery and Quality Guarantees to assure your parts will arrive on time and to your specifications.


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Over the decades, Bopp Busch has expanded our serves to be a comprehensive stamping supplier. Our full services include:


Tool & Die Building

Our tool and die building expertise includes progressive dies, line dies, weld fixtures and attribute checking fixtures.


We stamp small to medium size parts of .5 mm (.020″) to 6 mm (.240″) thickness. Whether you need low or high volume production runs, you can rely on Bopp-Busch.


Bopp-Busch performs comprehensive welding services as your stamping supplier. Our welding capabilities include spot, resistance/projection, mig and tig welding. When we ship your parts, they are ready-to-assemble upon arrival.

E-coat Paint

Our electro-deposition coating line enables us to finish our customer’s parts in-house as a stamping supplier. This state-of-the-art, high-volume system applies high quality paint supplied by PPG in a uniformly thick, corrosion-resistant e-coat paint for maximum protection.


Bopp-Busch Manufacturing Company offers assembly services to provide ready-upon-delivery parts. If you need parts to arrive ready-to-assemble, we have the capability to pre-assemble parts.

Product Engineering

With our extensive experience as a stamping supplier, we have the experience and knowledge to design your project to meet exact specifications. Our in-house engineering capabilities can aid in the manufacturability of your parts for improved cost efficiency.

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