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Project Samples

A sample of our stamping projects

Since we opened our doors in 1948, Bopp-Busch has completed a wide range of stamping projects. To assure the quality and on-time delivery of our products, we use the IATF 16949 Quality System. This operating system, along with the stamping processes we have developed, helps us to maintain a world class low PPM rating and a 99.9% on-time delivery rate. The following is a gallery of just a few of our stamping projects.

Stamping Samples

Welding Samples

E-Coat Painting Samples

General Assembly Samples

We would be pleased to discuss any of your stamping projects to determine if we can help you meet your requirements. If you would like a quote on your next project, please contact us.

Bopp-Busch…A better manufacturing success story

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Customer’s Challenge

A major automotive manufacturer was working with a supplier that was over capacity and unable to support all the parts needed for its truck assembly lines. As a result, the customer’s trucking assembly lines were shut down. Because of the customer’s decades long track record with Bopp-Busch, they were confident in approaching us for help.

Bopp-Busch Solution

From the overcapacity supplier, multiple part tooling and raw materials arrived at our facility on a Friday afternoon. We were to begin supplying certified parts the following Tuesday for six different heat shield parts. We accepted the challenge. Working through the weekend, we ran parts as needed and began supplying parts the following Tuesday as promised. To meet the many challenges on this project, we needed to:

  • Modify the heat shield tooling to fit in our press equipment and correct quality problems with newly inherited tooling
  • Add three additional shifts to support the extra work, including weekend shifts working 24 hours a day
  • Manage the inter-company freight requirements between our four facilities, hit all the ongoing expedited shipment deadlines with the correct number of parts at the acceptable quality levels
  • Absorb the new part supply chain of steel, isolator grommets, clips, aluminum, and insulation
  • Purchase and install new assembly equipment on our manufacturing floor

The Result

After weeks of the customer’s truck plant having to shut down assembly lines due to part shortages by the previous supplier, the lines were up and running as planned because Bopp-Busch was able to get the part supply chain resupplied.

We would be happy to discuss your next project. Please contact us for a quote.