Choosing the right supplier

As an OEM or Tier 1 supplier, you know that part production is a considerable cost in your manufacturing process. Finding a cost-effective, dependable, and quality-focused Tier 2 supplier to manufacture metal parts is critical to your success and profitability.

You need a specialized and skilled supplier that is a partner to help by providing solutions, not merely following a print. This supplier needs to understand the design of your part and have the knowledge to offer options to improve its functionality.

To save cost on your parts manufacturing services, seek a Tier 2 supplier that has a track record of reliability, quality, and integrity. This type of supplier offers options that are in your best interest to save cost in production.

Experience is another crucial factor in choosing a supplier. The insights brought to a project by a supplier with decades of experience is invaluable. In addition to experience, keeping up with the latest technological advances is essential for efficient manufacturing. Newer equipment helps to improve through-put, safety, and reduce errors, providing better products.

While it is important to have a supplier that specializes, one that can offer support services can be a significant benefit to the overall process of your finished product. Ancillary services help to speed production while lowering cost. If the quality and schedule meet your requirements, a manufacturer offering multiple services reduces your time in finding and vetting multiple suppliers.

Bopp-Busch meets all of the criteria as a top Tier 2 supplier of stamping, e-coat, painting, welding, assembly, tool and die building. Since 1948, we have maintained our tradition of meeting the quality and scheduling required by our customers. To learn more about Bopp Busch and our capabilities, contact us today.