3 Latest Trends in the Tool and Die Industry

Most people outside of the manufacturing world aren’t aware of the importance of the tool and die industry. The reason for this fact is because it mainly operates as a part of the entire manufacturing process. However, trends in tool and die practices are shaping the future of the industrial world. For example, the invention of more durable, innovative tool and die options are making manufacturing more affordable. Furthermore, new processes are opening doors to a diverse manufacturing world where accurate molding and machining processes allow the production of new items. The following are just three trends in the tool and die industry.

The Rising Use of 3D Printing

The rising trend of 3D printing in the tool and die industry is decreasing overall costs for both small and large projects. Thanks to high-density polymer and metal sintering printers, tool and die components can be made with more accuracy to specifications requiring minimal finishing work. 3D printing also allows easy replication and replacement of tool and die parts.

Multiaxis Machining

Multiaxis machining has revolutionized the tool and die industry. Allowing workers to interact with up to nine axes simultaneously. This innovation makes the process of tool and die production much faster, eliminating the need for secondary finishing. This advantage allows customers to directly go from the design stage to the product manufacturing stage as quickly as possible.

Automation, Automation, Automation

Automation brings several benefits to the general manufacturing industry – and the tool and die industry has been feeling its effects too. Automation processes also save workers from the challenge of creating intricate dies and molds from complicate digital designs. This trend ultimately frees up valuable labor as well.


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