The ramifications of poor parts welding

Producing high-quality parts, sustaining higher productivity levels, and finding ways to minimize the operational costs are all crucial aspects of running a profitable welding operation long term. Flawed or missed welds can risk accomplishing these goals and future success.

If you are a quality welding supplier, your goal is to produce top products for customers. You also want to achieve this while maintaining operational margins and productivity levels. A poor weld can have an adverse effect on the part, as well as the welding operations. The part could be damaged or unusable, causing you and your customer suffer the consequences. As the supplier, you could have to absorb the cost of replacing the defective welds. The customer has the cost of disassembling parts and lost production.

Safety and liability are critical concerns for both the supplier and OEM. Missed or flawed welds can create substantial safety risks, resulting in potential injury to both workers and end users. If an accident occurs, the result can be financial damages because of a field failure and liability claim.

Manufacturers conduct thorough quality control assessments to mitigate the risk of missed of defective welds. For instance, welding operations involving small and less complicated parts are assessed continually. On the other hand, larger and more complex parts may require redundant quality control measures throughout the process of welding. While this creates higher labor cost, the safety benefit far outweighs them.

Today’s welding operations can take advantage of alternative cost-saving methods and quality assurance, such as advanced welding information management systems. This technology can help prevent loss of productivity, low product quality, damage to reputation, and liability claims.

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