The benefits of outsource stamping

As OEMs face the challenges of rising prices and increased competition from overseas many have found outsourcing a cost-effective solution. This is especially true when it comes to stamping parts. This article covers many of the benefits of outsourcing and several factors to consider when choosing a stamping supplier.

The benefits

  • Outsourcing your stamping lets you maintain control over volume to meet changes in demand and deliver.
  • It allows you to outsource services that are not part of your central processes.
  • You are able to take advantage of having stamping experts handle that part of the process to assure quality.
  • Outsourced suppliers stay current with innovative technologies, allowing you to benefit from the better efficiency and productivity it provides.
  • Outsourcers make capital investments on new equipment saving you the cost.

Choosing your stamping supplier

When selecting a stamping supplier, there are many factors to review. If you work with an outsourcer that delivers poor quality parts the result will be downtime and production delays. To avoid these issues, be sure the stamping partner you choose offers the following:

  • The manufacturer operates under a quality control system.
  • The supplier has a low PPM rating.
  • A high on-time delivery rate.

In addition to these requirements, a stamping company that has well-rounded, in-house services can provide exceptional value. Other services that could be offered are:

  • Tool and die building with rapid tooling turnaround and close control over the quality of tooling production.
  • Stamping for a wide range of sized parts at low or high-volume production runs.
  • Comprehensive welding and assembly services to ship parts ready-to-assemble upon arrival.
  • E-coat Painting to finish parts before delivery.

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