Flexible Manufacturing Builds Efficiency

First introduced in the 1970s, flexible manufacturing was developed as a way to adapt to changes or issues in the production process. Flexible manufacturing systems continue to increase the efficiency of the production process. It achieves this improvement through machine and routing flexibility.

Machine Flexibility

In flexible manufacturing, machine flexibility relates to a system’s ability to adapt when the need to produce new parts arises. In addition, it considers changes in the order of the production of a part.

Routing Flexibility

Routing flexibility is the ability of a system to use many machines to perform the same operations on one part. It also refers to how much a system can adapt to changes in volume, capacity, or capability.

Flexible Manufacturing Pros

Flexible manufacturing systems keep processes running efficiently. It supports quick reaction to changes to reduce shutdowns and provide faster production time. Though flexible manufacturing could increase production costs initially, it will yield a more profitable system in the long run. With the goal of improving the capability to change flawed parts are minimized, less time is wasted, and resources are better allocated. Finally, it helps improve customer service and satisfaction.

Flexible Manufacturing Cons

It can be a challenge to implement flexible manufacturing systems. Thorough planning involving detailed designs and schedules may be required. Skilled operators are needed to run machines, as well as workers for maintenance of the systems. These disadvantages of flexible manufacturing systems can cause hesitation with many manufacturers. However, its benefits are far greater than its drawbacks in increased quality and reduced costs.

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