The Value of a Multi-Service Partner Supplier

In this time of supply chain slowdowns, labor shortages, and material deficiencies, OEMs are looking for ways to keep the production of products moving. The traditional practice of using multiple vendors to perform different services during production is becoming a costly practice. Having a partner supplier that not only fulfills its core capabilities and offers ancillary support services is a critical benefit.

Let’s take Bopp Busch as an example. Our core service is stamping. However, since our founding in 1948, we have added additional services such as tool building, welding, hand assembly, and e-coat painting. These support services provide OEMs with a single source that can deliver parts that are ready to be used further into the production process. With this type of partner supplier, the OEM reduces time and labor cost, plus the burden od trying to find new employees, without sacrificing quality. And quality is key. After all, if the parts you receive aren’t the quality you require then having them replaced negates the time saved. Be sure the partner supplier you choose has a quality control program they monitor throughout the processes that has resulted in a low PPM rating and high on-time delivery percentage.

Other factors will help you determine if the vendor not only offer multiple services but offers value-added features to the partner supplier relationship. For example, does the supplier have ability to meet tight deadlines to help a customer through an emergency. A partner supplier should have the experience and knowledge to offer advice to lower costs or production times. An attitude to help the OEM succeed on the part of the supplier will lead to a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

Since 1949, Bopp Busch has worked to be a valued supplier partner to our customers by incorporating many of these practices. Our core stamping services are supplemented with e-coating, toolmaking, general assembly, and design services. To learn more about Bopp Busch and our capabilities, contact us today.