The Consequences of Poor Metal Stamping

While it’s not uncommon to try to find the cheapest, most convenient supplier for all your metal stamping needs, the truth is that poor metal stamping projects and outcomes can lead to substantial issues later down the line. Poor workmanship or hasty processes can often lead to detrimental outcomes that cost you and your company more time and money than if proper research had gone into choosing a higher quality metal stamping supplier from the get-go. A few of the most notable consequences of poor metal stamping include:

Unsafe Outcomes

Defective metal stamped parts are simply not an option in many industries. The automotive industry, for example, relies on high-quality and durable metal stamped parts in order for vehicles to drive and function. Poorly made parts that have not gone through proper quality assurance processes result in manufacturing errors that can severely compromise the safety and efficiency of the vehicles they are used for.


Incorrectly made metal stamped parts, poor welding jobs, or unsuitable E-coating processes often lead to costly repairs and recalls. Having to re-manufacture parts, or recondition projects that were previously completed, means additional labor and material costs that could have been avoided if more careful attention were paid in the beginning stages of the manufacturing process.

Shorter Service Life

If a part or project has been poorly fashioned or completed, the service life can be severely diminished. Having to replace or fix defective parts adds on time and costs that could be avoided if the proper materials, processes, and tests were used in the beginning. The durability of metal stamped parts and projects is crucial and finding that your supplier has provided a lower quality product means that you will have to do more maintenance and repairs than you initially planned.

Precision is a key factor in metal stamping and is a necessity in leading industries and essential consumer products. Choosing a high-quality supplier with a successful track record ensures that you don’t suffer the consequences of poorly made materials, costliness, and defective service lives.

Since 1949, Bopp Busch has been committed to delivering quality stamped parts. We have implemented several quality control procedures to assure our parts are exact to the customer’s requirements. In addition to our core stamping services, we also offer toolmaking, general assembly, and design services. To learn more about Bopp Busch and our capabilities, contact us today.