Primary E-Coating Processes

Electro-coating, more commonly known as E-coating, is a process that attaches paint to metal surfaces via an emulsion paint solution bath. This type of coating process makes metal parts more durable, and also provides the primer necessary to prevent rust before the aesthetic glossy paint color is applied. Currently, nearly 99% of manufactured vehicles utilize an e-coating process, making it a standard in the automotive industry.

There are multiple e-coating processes that can be used, chiefly anodic epoxy, anodic acrylic, cathodic epoxy, and cathodic acrylic. Cathodic processes use a negatively charged metal part and positively charged paint particles, while anodic processes use positively charged metal parts and negatively charged particles in the paint bath. Anodic processes are less common because metal ions can sometimes contaminate the paint bath, but they do allow for lower cure temperatures.

Anodic epoxy e-coating is often used for temperature-sensitive implements and castings that have a lower desired oven time, while anodic acrylic e-coating is most commonly used for smaller interior applications such as furniture or hangers because it provides great gloss and color.

Alternatively, cathodic epoxy e-coating is one of the primary processes due to its benchmark corrosion protection and chemical resistance. It’s often used on vehicle parts, though it must be covered with a topcoat for surfaces exposed to UV light. Cathodic acrylic e-coating is best known for its one-coat finish and resistance to chipping or scratching. This process is more UV-resistant than cathodic epoxy e-coating, though less corrosion resistant, making it a prime choice for exterior coating on vehicle parts.

These numerous e-coating processes have unique techniques and outcomes to achieve a client’s desired color, gloss, and durability. Relying on experienced professionals in the manufacturing field, particularly those with state-of-the-art e-coating systems, ensures that your product not only meets industry standards and regulations, but also has the desired aesthetics for their respective use.

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